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Vacuum Sealer

A vacuum sealer is an easy-to-use tool for food storage. You can effortlessly extend your food freshness by up to 5 times longer by using this device. The machine can be used for packaging and storage purposes in hotels, hospitals, shops, and, more importantly, at homes. 

The vacuum sealing machine has 4 sealing modes to choose from; separate sealing, vacuum sealing, semi-empty sealing, and wet and dry sealing mode. The choice of the mode depends on the nature of the product you want to store.

Features and Benefits

Easy to clean

The machine has removable and washable strips. 

Safe and Durable

The machine uses high-quality and safe ABC plastic.


You can use the automated sealing button for precise and hassle-free operations. You only need to seal the bag along the edges. 


It can be used for packages of various kinds of items such as medicine, food, among others. However, it's not recommended to use the machine for cellophane, polyester material, or metal foil.

Suitable for airtight sealing

The machine is used to double seal bags and ensure they are airtight. 

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