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UV Lamp For Nails

UV lamp for nails is a crucial gadget for drying gel polish. It's a two-handed gel drying lamp effective for saving time. You can dry your two hands or feet at a go. Importantly, it has a large screen to ensure even drying of the gel polish. 

The UV lamp is light. You can carry it to a comfortable space where you can enjoy manicures or pedicures. The place can be your home and anywhere else.  

 Notably, the lamp dries the gel polish containing UV ingredients only. It's not effective for drying regular polish and gels without a UV component. 

Features and Benefits

Safe to use. The UV lamp has a curved arc design which provides the necessary protection for your eyes. 

Automatic sensor. You don't have to press anywhere to re-light the UV lamp. When the light goes off, you can light it again by removing your hands and returning them to the lamp. 

Dries different kinds of gels. The UV lamp can dry different types of gels. However, the gels must contain a UV component. Gels with high UV components dry faster. 

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