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Mini Table Saw 2.0


This machine is the perfect portable table saw for cutting small materials. It reduces noise without compromising cutting speed and efficiency. Designed with a 2mm thick steel frame equipped with dual bearings with a high torque motor that provides extreme cutting power. Engineered with a high-grade cutting table with gauge and scale printed tabletop for accurate cutting. Effective in cutting PCB, PVC, balsa, acrylic aluminum, and many more materials! 

Features and Benefits


Solid steel frame made for durability and to ensure a level surface while you’re working for maximum cutting performance and accuracy.


The machine is engineered to have a low noise output without compromising performance power. Fitted with anti-slip pads to allow for safe operations. 


Equipped with miter gauge and scale printed tabletop so you can cut with extreme accuracy. 


Lightweight, easy to carry, bring on the go. Perfect for DIY model makers!

Package  includes:

1x Mini Table Saw

1x Power supply

1x Saw blade

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