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Starry Sky Galaxy Light

Starry Sky Galaxy Light is a superb product for your bedroom or living room. You can use it to adjust your living space to a more comfortable and enjoyable place for relaxing or sleeping. It uses four primary colors to create up to 15 beautiful color effects. 

Features and Benefits

Inbuilt Bluetooth 

The inbuilt Bluetooth allows you to connect the projector with your phone or tablet, and you can use it to play music. 

Can use TF cards or SD cards. You can insert a micro SD card or TF card and play your favorite music that syncs with the light. 

Easy to operate. You use a remote control to adjust the light brightness for comfort. Also, you can effortlessly adjust the rotating projector speed using the remote control.

Voice activation feature 

The device has voice activation that allows for changes in color depending on the music choice.

Portable and suitable for outdoor use

Starry sky galaxy skylight is light to carry. Also, you can use it for outdoor activities such as birthday parties, graduation celebrations, among others.

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