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ProFiveShop™ Punching Speed Bag

Enhance the way you box with this revolutionary speed bag, efficiently increases your punching speed by responding to every punch you throw with precision. Great for multi-boxing practice such as MMA, Muay Thai and other fitness training at homeor at the gym. The perfect workout for consistent cardio, improving muscle strength and increasing speed. 

Features and Benefits

Tough and lightweight, outperforming any standard punching training tool. Well shaped and balanced, Engineered to improve the speed and power of your punches.

High Quality
Made from High-grade PU leather, maximizing durability so that the bag will last forever
Easy installation
Simply mount the device, attach the hooks to the bag and hang it up. Effortlessly install whether you’re at home or the gym!
Product size
Approximately 180*40 cm in size and 20 cm in Diameter, Needs inflating 

Package Includes: 
1x Pear-shaped speed bag

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