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Pregnancy Body Pillow

Being Pregnant, EVERYTHING is uncomfortable 😭
Get the Rest you Deserve with MAXIMUM COMFORT!

✔️ Cultivates Correct Posture

✔️ Bend it into the Most Comfortable Fit for You

✔️ Scientifically Designed for Baby Bumps

✔️ Extremely SOFT Pillow Cover - 100% Plant Cotton

The U-shaped design is designed to be ergonomic. The waist can be attached to the maternal pillow according to the human body type. The complete borrowing force can help reduce the pressure on the spine and relieve the pain in the lower back.

In different periods, the pregnant woman's buttocks, stomach, hands and feet are gradually increasing. The G-shaped design of the pregnant woman's pillow can help the pregnant woman to reduce the pressure caused by the belly enlargement.

Pregnant women need to develop the correct posture, help to correct the fetal position, adapt to the abdomen as soon as possible, and develop a good sleeping position as soon as possible.


in early pregnancy, develop a good sleeping position as early as possible, supine in the second trimester, and the abdomen gradually become bigger, if take a sleeping position on the side, the pillow can lift abdomen.Back pain in the third trimester, the pillow can reduce the pressure under the waist or under the legs


After giving birth to the baby, the pillow can surround the baby, prevent the baby from rolling down the bed, can also be used in bed, relying on reading books, etc.

Treat Yourself to Much Needed Rest. 

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