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Magnetic Levitation Globe

Magnetic Levitation globe is a fantastic gadget for display in retail stores, for office or home decoration. People across all age groups appreciate it hence you don't have to hesitate when buying it. 

The device is easy to operate. It utilizes electromagnetic controlled systems. The magnet on top of the globe contains an electromagnet and a sensor. When turned on, the weight of the globe counterbalances the suction between the magnet and the electromagnet, making it keep levitating.

It has a LED light which makes it fascinating when switched on in the dark. 

Features and Benefits

Easy to use

When the device is hovering, you only need to spin it a little, and it will rotate beautifully and for longer. 


It can be used for a wide range of applications. The magnetic Levitation globe is a popular gadget used in homes and offices. 

Beautiful decoration tool 

The gadget is designed to float in the air beautifully displaying LED light, making it a beautiful product to behold, especially when turned on in the dark.

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