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Laser leveler

This Laser Leveler is perfect for your work. Our Laser Leveler's line projects up to 10 meters and is accurate within 3mm. The device features two operation modes, self-leveling and manual, giving you the ability to customize your use. The Laser Leveler uses two double-A batteries and holds a charge for up to eight hours of use. It's built with high-quality plastic and is a very portable size, meaning it's easy to move around your workplace. The Laser Leveler also comes with a mount to carry it. Ditch your old leveler and get professional with our official laser leveler.

Features and Benefits 


Features two operating modes, manual and self-leveling, to give you full functionality. 


The Laser Leveler gives measurements accurate to 3mm.


The Laser Leveler is small, easy to carry, and comes with a mount.

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