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Kitchen Rack


Have you ever felt like you're lacking kitchen space or you'd like your dishes to dry a little faster without actually using a towel on them, our Kitchen Rack is just for you!

It's designed to be a literal workbench/drying rack for your dishes! Kitchen rack is amazing can hold most of your kitchen materials and make your kitchen look like a piece of art all at once. 

The stainless steel design means that water won't harm it as it is 100% rustproof. This amazingly durable system looks attractive and neat in your kitchen. It is designed to fit right over the top of your sink. It's the perfect place for drying dishes. Let Kitchen Rack be your partner in crime and buy yours today. 


Very easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean

  • Frees up space around your sink
  • Bottom is reinforced and stable
  • Able to bear a heavy load (up to 80k) and does not shake or slide
  • Resistant to hot and cold temps
  • Resistant to corrosion

Effective use of kitchen sink space

High-end Stainless Steel Baking Paint + German Technology

- Multifunctional integration

- strong bearing gravity

- Stainless steel material

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