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Keyboard Mouse Converter

Wish you had a better feel and control when playing video games on your mobile device?  The PUB-G converter is used to connect the keyboard and mouse for a convenient and enhanced gaming experience on mobile devices such as phones and tablets. The product will enhance your chances of winning the PC games on mobile devices since you have better control and improved aiming using the keyboard and mouse. 

Features and Benefits

Convenient to use

The adapter is used to connect the keyboard and mouse for a convenient gaming experience. Also, the device has easy to press switches and does not produce disturbing noise when in use.

A customizable keyboard button. You can easily customize the button to suit your gaming needs. 


The converter is super fast and users love it because it offers an exceptional mobile gaming experience. 

Compatibility. The device uses Bluetooth technology and it's compatible with most Android and iOS devices.

Highly stable. The keyboard converter has rubber pads and a plastic base that guarantees stability. Also, it has foldable feet which allow you to adjust it to a comfortable position.

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