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Handheld Pressure Washer

Handheld Pressure Washer

Our pressure washer is versatile, almost every household needs it. It can be used to clean cars, bikes, grounds, walls, windows, furniture, and tools.

It can also be used to water the garden, clean the pet house, clean the chicken coop. Easy to carry, can easily put in the car.  The design of the washing machine is like a pistol, which not only ensures the beauty and the comfort of the grip of the gun, it is ergonomic, and the user will feel comfortable when using it.



No longer tied to the limits of a garden hose, just carry a bucket of water around and use it easily. It can draw fresh water from sources like a bucket, a pool, or even a lake!



  • Adjustable Nozzle - Can freely adjust the spray width. The nozzles can be meet the needs of car washing, floor cleaning, and flower watering.
  • Multiple functions and applications - The pressure washer can clean various mechanical products. It is effective especially for cleaning the exterior walls of buildings, floors, baths, swimming pools, doors and windows, and corners that are difficult to clean manually. It can also be used to water flowers and wash vegetables.
  • Lightweight and portable - Easy to carry, the pressure washer weighs 2.2kg and is equipped with a 5m suction hose. Very light and easy to use. Easy to draw water, the self-priming function allows the product to absorb water from buckets, pools, rivers, etc.


Material: ABS Plastic
Power Supply: Battery
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh Lithium Battery
Speed: 12000rpm/min

1*Handheld Pressure Washer


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