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Glowing Golf Balls

Have you ever wanted to play golf at night? This golf ball's bright glow lets you play at any time of the day. The ball displays a beautiful arc that lights up the sky, shining like a meteor as it sores through the air. 

Features and Benefits

  • DURABLE AND REUSABLE - The golf balls are made of designed with a full compression core and a hard shell, perfect for beginner and expert play.

  • BEST NIGHT GOLF BALLS - To activate the ball's glow simply bounce the ball on a hard surface, like the cart path, and the glow will automatically be activated. The ball will shine for 8 minutes, then turn off to conserve energy.

  • PERFECT GIFT - This one-of-a-kind golf ball is a wonderful give for all golf lovers. Never be constrained by daylight, play through the night!  

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