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Food dispenser

Food Dispenser is a convenient and easy to use dry food container. It's an excellent food container where you can store all types of dry foods, including flour, rice, coffee, beans, etc. 

The dispenser is made of transparent, high-quality plastic with 6 adjustable compartments. You can conveniently adjust the partition to hold different amounts of dry foods.   

Features and Benefits


The dispenser can be used for the storage of different kinds of dry grains.


The dispenser has a cover for proper sealing and guarantees essential food hygiene. It presents the food getting damaged and ensures the stored grains remain fresh.

Easy to use

The container had a transparent body where you can view the grains inside before pressing the right button. Use a bowl to hold the dispensed dry food.

Durable and safe

The dispenser is made of high-quality plastic. The plastic body of food grade and safe for use. 

Suitable for user careful of healthy eating habits

The Food Dispenser comes in handy for users who are weight sensitive.

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