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Electric Power Screwdriver

Getting a JM-Y02 electric power screwdriver guarantees you a professional electronic devices repair experience. The screwdriver is one of the highly reliable electronic device repair tools from Jakemy. The JM-Y02 electric power screwdriver is a suitable repair tool for both small and medium screws. The screwdriver is portable, and convenient to carry.

You can use the screwdriver for various repair applications such as screwing, threading, and drilling. 

You can use it to open and repair phones, eyeglasses, cameras, iPads, and laptops. The screwdriver has all the crucial features that make it useful for multiple repair applications.

Features and Benefits


The screwdriver is made of anodized aluminum alloy which is abrasion and corrosion-resistant.

Rechargeable battery

The screwdriver is easy to charge using different USB cables. Once the battery is full, the tool's red light indicator goes off automatically.

Adjustable torque

The screwdriver has an adjustable torque which allows for precision modification to accomplish different needs. It rotates at a high speed of 395 rounds per minute making it quite reliable.

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