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Baseus Desktop LED Lamp - Reduce Eye Strain

Using a Baseus desk lamp for your computer lighting guarantees you a convenient eye care lighting source. The lamp is suitable for home office use and adds to the overall decoration of your workspace. Its slim design makes it occupy only a small space. With a piece of baseus desk lamps, you will enjoy sitting in front of your computer screen for many hours without feeling fatigued.

Features and Benefits

Sleek and beautiful frame

Baseus desk lamp has a sleek design and pure black color which fits and blends well with your home office decoration. 

Asymmetrical design

The desk lamp's asymmetrical design allows it to illuminate only the designated areas - the keyboard and the desktop. 

Easy to install

You easily install the light bar by simply clamping it on the monitor top.


The anti-glare feature allows you to enjoy using your computer for long hours without experiencing eye fatigue.

Dimmable brightness

You can dim the light to your preferred brightness which will not hurt your eyes.

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