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#1 Metal Detector

  Find the hidden treasure
  • Waterproof - Can be used at the beach.

  • Audio indication- Headphone jacks so you can search in peace

  • Uses dual-tone system and automatic iron rejection to make treasure hunting more productive!

  • Designed to detect gold and silver jewelry as well as metal, coins, bronze and silver. 

  • Use in Mechanical pointer mode or audio mode with  Full-discrimination mode creates a range of discrimination to hone your search

   #1  Metal Detector

  Detect hidden treasures  and valuables in the ground!

Waterproof Metal/Gold Detector
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Want to find hidden treasure? Money? Coins ? Jewelry? Our ProFiveShop Metal Detector gets the job done.

Why ProFiveShop Metal Detector?

Have you always wondered what was beneath the ground or sand? No more wondering, digging, or searching. Let our metal detector do the work for you. 

ProFiveShop Metal Detector:

  • Find hidden treasures and valuables

  •  Automates tuning and ground balancing and sees through the earth's naturally occurring minerals to find buried treasures

  • Rust proof and will not damage

  • Fun Gift for the entire family

  • Use anywhere 

 900+ Reviews

Look what our customer's found!

Why Choose ProFiveShop Metal Detector?

Pro Five Shop Metal Detector

  • Waterproof

  • Clear audio with headphone jacks.

  • Adjustable for any height

  • 30 day guarantee

    Made to last 

Other brands

  • Only detects items right on top

  • Not waterproof- damages at the beach
  • No audio or headphone jacks

  • Not adjustable - can hurt back

  • No Guarantee

    No warranty

Ready to finally see what is hidden underground?

1 Metal Detector


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 900+ Reviews


      3 Metal Detectors


JuST $60 Each

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 900+ Reviews

     2 Metal Detectors


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 900+ Reviews

Don't Take Our Word For It!

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Frequently Asked Questions

   Does this work? What kinds of items can I find?

Yes! We guarantee you will not miss any items! Our customers have found coins, gold, silver, jewelry , necklaces, diamonds, earrings , and many different valuable heirlooms

Can I use my headphones?

Yes! We have built in headphone jacks so you can use in privacy (and no one knows you are finding valuables)

 Can I get this in stores?

No. This is not sold in stores

Find the hidden treasure! Order Today

900+ Reviews

The #1 Metal Detector! 

We love our customers! 

900+ Reviews

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